1. What are the differences between “Acknowledgement Slip” and “Receipt” ?
  2. What items will be included in Monthly Invoice automatically?
  3. Can Centre Admin or Principal generate Monthly Invoice for past months?
  4. Who can void the Acknowledgement Slip, Invoice or Receipt that have been generated?
  5. How to void an invoice if I have already generated the receipt?
  6. When is the cut-off date for Centre Admin to generate Ad-Hoc invoice for previous month?
  7. How to handle the advance payment or over payment?
  8. What are the meanings of Revenue Amount, Invoice Amount and Payable Amount?
  9. What are the differences between “Invoice” and “Tax Invoice” ?
  10. Can we create invoices for “Applied” status of children?
  11. What are the main purposes of “Government Subsidy” under the “Account > Manage” section?
  12. What are the main purposes of “Subsidy Variance” under the “Account > Manage” section?
  13. How to transfer the deposit from graduated siblings?
  14. Why cannot find “CDA” or “GIRO” option under “Payment Type” when creating Acknowledgement Slip or Receipt for some children?
  15. What is the main purpose of “Check Status” button under the “Account > Manage > Invoice > Monthly Invoice” section?
  16. What are the common reasons that Monthly Invoices NOT generate for some children?
  1. How to retrieve all invoices for a child within same year?
  2. How to retrieve all receipts for a child within same year?
  3. How to view all deposits summary for a child?
  4. Where can find the “Send Invoice” and “Send Receipt” buttons?
  5. How to retrieve all acknowledgement slips for a child within same year?
  6. Why cannot find “Send Acknowledgement Slip” button?